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Is your organization or startup is struggling with revenue losses? Do you find yourself at a static point at your growth chart? Are you not able to establish long term relationship with your clients? Are you not able to charge a premium for your services and additional efforts? Our deliberately designed training modules based on the feedback from more than 100 customers, can assist you in discovering new ways to increase not only the revenue but overall engagements are all possible dimensions that can fuel growth for your organization.

Are you not able to convince your customers? Do you feel that there is something wrong with the product itself causing the customer to let it go? Well, the case is quite common among proprietors, salespersons, freelancers, consultants, etc. Our deliberately designed courses will help you to read the minds of your customers. With these modules you would be able to maintain relationships with customers, convince them effectively and achieve your sales targets timely. Saying it convincingly while showcasing the value is an art that can be learned here at GM.


Without adding cost, you can increate top-line revenue and increase bottom-line margins. Yes, this course is for company owners, executives who want accelerated growth at no additional cost. Based on over 100 direct customers and now used by some of the biggest consulting companies for their clients, the 2-day program will give you step-by-step method on

  • Increase prospective leads, inquiries and customers desire to buy from you in the first three months
  • Learn market dominance technique necessary to build a strong local brand
  • Price premium techniques that customers will eagerly open their wallets
  • 5-step technique for creating ‘Everywhere’ effect and become first choice for the buyer


If you are a services business owner, consulting professional, freelancer, independent profession or want to become one, this course will provide you with six systems necessary for becoming an authority in your market, have a marketing funnel and get boat load of customers.

  • 7-step value advisory system that will distinguish and demonstrate highest value
  • 4 must-have techniques increase pipeline of prospect, nurturing relationship and get closer
  • ‘Make them buy’ technique – make the customer buy anytime you offer a new service without reservation, hesitation or haggle
  • The only five (5) reasons why people do not buy from you and how to proactively address their issue
  • Magic of price premium and how to get willing customers generously pay you more without resistance


This is probably the only sale course that teaches you how to get inside the minds of the buyer and build curiosity, mesmerize and seek more from you. If you are a sale professional who wants to become the best, achieve sales quota and exceed expectation, this is a must attend course.

In this EXECUTIVE CYBERNETICS course, you will uncover how to…

  • Learn 7 mind-bending techniques to get prospective buyer to become your fan, listen and follow your directions
  • Cook-book style steps to get prospective buyer to engage with you

Executive Cybernetics is powerful tool to build deeper client relationships, become the go-to person, and make the decision maker willingly buy your products and services. Discover peace of mind using these 3 simple steps to make sure your time invested with prospective buyers’ reward with new opportunities, deals and engagements. Because of the practical benefits and effectiveness of this content, corporations have paid big money for getting the same a one-day training live. The course has since revived, expanded it to a succinct bite size formula with the best of 'what works' in the current market without taking away any value.

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